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Division of Nephrology, University of Washington
Our home Division is leading the pursuit of fundamental discoveries relevant to kidney disease mechanisms.

Kidney Research Institute – Seattle
Our lab is affiliated with the KRI and we are working closely with KRI investigators to develop innovative approaches to improving treatment and care.

Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine
We are proud to belong to this premier group of stem cell researchers, who are pushing the envelope of what is possible for a multitude of tissues, organs, and diseases.

The UW Department of Medicine
Our home Department is a national beacon of top-quality research and patient care.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
The NIH/NIDDK is the primary source of funding for fundamental research into kidney disease and therapy in the United States.

Northwest Kidney Centers
Dedicated to the care of patients on dialysis and the support of research with the potential to change their lives.

The National Kidney Foundation
A major national organization dedicated to improving awareness of kidney disease and patient care.

The PKD Foundation
Dedicated to improving the treatment and care of polycystic kidney disease, through research and outreach.

The American Society of Nephrology
A large and influential network of practitioners and scientists working to combat kidney disease.


With PKD researcher/doc Prof. Theodore Steinman at the ASN conference

Friends and Collaborators

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Educational Groups and Resources

ACLS Health Library: Diabetes
A collection of articles on diabetes.

Seattle Chapter PKD Foundation
Puget Sounders passionate about PKD.